Many people find it necessary to look for paternity answers not for legal reasons maybe but just to be sure if they are the biological father of a child that are rising or they are expecting.  However, it might be sometimes hectic and a lengthy procedure to have the paternity test done in the hospital laboratory. For one, you will have to involve the mother of the child and other family members,  and you don't want that because if the child the test turns out to be positive,  you will never be trusted again considering that you doubted your partner and the child in question.

However, there are various companies that sell home DNA paternity test kits, and you can order one from them, and they will deliver the package to your home with a simple cheek swab, and after the test they will mail it directly to their certified laboratories for home dna testing, and then the results will be available within 24 hours.

Here are some of the advantages of using home DNA test kits;

1. It is cheaper.

Unlike the hospital paternity testing which is quite expensive, with home DNA  kit you just need to pay S small amount and thru will send you the full dna test kit at your door step.

2. It is fast and straightforward.

Unlike the hospital paternity which is a long procedure and S bit complicated, a home paternity test is a bit faster, you will get the results online within 24hours in the comfort of your home, and if you follow the instructions in the leaflet, you will have a simple and pain free procedure, and get accurate results.

3. Private and confidential.

The main reason why many people prefer home DNA paternity test is the confidentiality that comes with it,  you don't need to have any doctor's appointment,  no legal procedures and if you want to keep the paternity to yourself,  you will very easily. If you want to learn more about DNA profiling, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNA#Properties.

However as much as it has its advantages, home DNA, testing has its disadvantages as well.  Below are some of them;

1. The results cannot use in a court of law.

You can't use the home paternity test before the court of justice, for child support or child custody.

2. You can easily lie with home DNA paternity test.

Not unless a mother and a father ate present when the lab test is done, then it is possible to disapprove of paternity, for your reasons, you can swap them with the results of another person.